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About us

With God hand, Tuba Store has started its work on supply and distribution of kid and teenager clothing since 1387 and it has done its best to offer best-quality and reasonable products to dear countrymen.


years with you

The products of the store have been provided from the most prestigious Iranian and foreign brands and have been handed to the dear customers with guaranteed quality. Now Tuba Store now representative of one of the European Turkish brands (INCITY) in the province.

By the grace of Allah, the store opened the exclusive representative of the Zirotan brand in Rushdie town in 1384. Now this store is typically one of the most prestigious ones and has many customers.

Second branch of The Tooba Store has been inaugurated At the same time with the opening Of Setareh Baran great shopping center and for respecting dear citizens and traffic reduction in urban trips toward the Tabriz downtown and proudly serves citizens in this region.